Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Places I love: The Lovely Russo's

It's deep winter here in Boston. We've just made it through our umpteenth sp? snowstorm and as I write the familiar sound of snowplows fills our kitchen. All the berries we picked and froze last summer are long gone and not much else around here is 'local' much less organic. Nothing is more cheery this time of year than a trip to Russo's. It's a feast for all the senses but in the dead of winter an orgy of color. Our friends Susan and Bob turned us onto Russo's a while ago as the go-to place for Boston food lovers who are either priced out of Whole Foods or want to support a local business or just want good produce at a great price. Little here is 'organic' or 'local' but frankly this is New England, it's March and well, with the economy flat-lining...it all seems so irrelevant. Russo's is a lot like an ethnic market to where you can find lots of wierd wonderful stuff or things you won't find anywhere else. And it's friendly too. People who shop here are food people so if you can, relax and enjoy the camraderie. Recently we met a woman in line who chatted us up after seeing carambolas in our cart...she was from Guatamala grew up with caramboloa trees in her front yard.

Ahh, the cheese section. Mark, the manager, got his training from non other than the esteemed Formaggio in Cambridge. His training shows. I could spend all day here!

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