Friday, June 5, 2009

How to Dress an Olive

Olives straight from the jar? Never! At least if you listen to Steve Jenkins, best known for his all-things-cheese know-how. 

The scoop on olives from The Master himself:  

Drain the olives of their brining solution, wash, then soak in cold water.  Then 'dress' them with extra virgin olive oil, better know as EVOO and herbs and spices, if you please.  These will keep in a sealed container on your counter as long as you keep the olives submerged in the olive oil.  Not to worry even if they get a bit shrived...that just means the flavor is more intense.

Julia has these in her lunch box most days.  I've never heard this, but doesn't it make sense that plain old olives would be even better for you than olive oil given how processed olive oil can be?  

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